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Dressing Up for Spring- Click, Click, Flash 

Spring apparel has a distinct charm and allure to it. At the light fabrics used, the bright color scheming and the floral and polka dot prints are the main attractions of the season. The colors, shades and designs used are done keeping in mind the moods of spring. Moddeals coupons code available at DealsDiscount4u.The light colors that are bright and vibrant and the funky hues are the main attractions of the season.  Image

Apart from the colors and prints, even the dressing styles like the trends and cuts tend to change with the seasons too. Moddeals promotion code give you saving opportunities which enhance and make your styles affordable. The spring collections make use of are the dress styles like the A-line shirts, sun dresses, flairs, strapless, gathers, pleats and color blocking. The length of the dresses too are adjusted according to the season’s weather conditions and the humidity present. 


Some of the dresses are stitched keeping in mind the sizes and the end consumers. For instance, color blocking is used usually to create dresses for the plus sized or the much slender and straight body shapes. The stark colors that are used in these dresses for blocking purposes create illusions about the weight and make the physiques appear more curvy by flattering them. 


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Keira Lennox

IMG_8178Last Saturday, I skipped out of the shop at noon on the dot. It was a beautiful afternoon, my schedule was clear, and I was on a mission: to make it to the Lakeland Farmers Curb Market before it ended at 2:00, get my hands on some beignets from The Poor Porker, do a little thrifting {which I haven’t done in ages}, and stop in Marshall’s to find a few inexpensive dresses for work because by March it will be too hot to wear anything else.

You guys, it was just the loveliest. An entire day to myself: puttering around town on a powdered sugar high, taking my sweet time picking through every pair of designer jeans at the Goodwill, taking mental notes of cute outfits — you Lakeland girls have some serious style! — and walking up and down each aisle at Hobby Lobby in search…

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late adopter: neon skinnies

Keira Lennox




Okay, so I’m a little late to the neon party. In my marketing 101 classes, they called consumers like me late adopters. Simply put: we’re not exactly the first in line to buy the next big thing. Case in point: I didn’t have an iPad until about two weeks ago, when my hip (and somehow surpassing me in technology lately?) parents surprised me with one and brought me into the 21st century.

In the case of florescent apparel, I figure I met my lifetime quota of day-glo outfits by around 1996. Once again, it took an act of major clearance to get me to jump on the trend train.

Last weekend, I was on the prowl for swimsuits for a special girl’s trip next month. {Sidebar: swimsuit shopping is just the worst kind of torture.} My hunting led me to Marshall’s, Target, and later to Kohl’s, where…

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Top 10 Most Loved Dresses From Movies

A little something for the movie maniacs!

Lipsticks & Labels

I thought I would start out my very first blog post with something fun. For those of you that don’t know me, I am a total movie nerd. My sisters and I got our love for movies from our parents. Renting movies from blockbuster every Friday night was what we looked forward to every week in our childhood. Movies always have and always will take me to a fantasy place far away from reality where dreams come true, good always triumphs over evil, and life has the perfect soundtracks and original scores for every scene of your life. Oh and most importantly, the absolute prefect dress comes along for that special event either through your fairy godmother, a rich, handsome creeper, or someone you know just so happened to have it in their closet and lent it to you. Yes, these are the dresses that you will always remember and…

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Experience Low Prices With Wholesale Deals and Packages – Raise The Bar!

Experience Low Prices With Wholesale Deals and Packages – Raise The Bar!


Wholesaling has opened a whole new option for the end consumers and drop shippers alike. It allows the potential consumers to purchase stock at the lowest possible prices. It helps them enjoy the prices and discounts that it would not have been otherwise possible to obtain.

Wholesaling allows the consumers to avail the bulk buying advantages. It allows them to bear the potential costs and initial expenses at one time. This leaves the consumers at a major benefit as it allows them to bargain for low prices on the basis of bulk purchase and it allows them to negotiate discounted shipping and delivery options. Also, a few wholesale markets even go a step up and include both the low quantity purchase option and the bulk option. The low quantity option allows the end consumer to directly shop at these stores and escape the exorbitant pricing of the products sold at the high street retail stores and outlets.

What is more is that some wholesale stores go a step up and they offer to the potential consumer discounts and packages that are way too economical to ignore. Most wholesale stores announce seasonal and clearance sales every now and then which allows them to garner the confidence of their consumers. They offer high Focalprice discount deals and coupons which are often discounted as high as a good 75% off on most offers.

Moreover, the packages announced by the Focalprice promotional code offers are at times all inclusive. Most of these offers combine a whole collection of products and services. These all inclusive packages do well to introduce to the consumer holistic packages at remarkably low prices. The packages are, at times, powered by websites and stores that deal solely in the sales of deals and promotional codes. This makes available to the consumer packages that are extremely economical to purchase.

Some of these stores even go further in minimizing the costs. They do so by cutting down their operational costs. This release of operational costs and expensive in turn lowers the price of the goods which means lesser costs are passed on to the consumer. Most businesses cut down costs by operating exclusively for the World Wide Web. This allows them to target a global audience and it allows them to enjoy greater sales.

The consumer too is more than obliged to experience this online buying and selling as it is cost effective on their part too. Online transactions are economical both in terms of time and effort. It saves the consumer the pains of conventional shopping where you have to go look in shop after shop in search of low prices and discount packages.

The writer of this article, Mary Alice Young, is an experienced blogger and content developer. She is also affiliated with various freelance marketplaces and is a contributing writer to various directories. Currently she is a writing as a deals and discount packages enthusiast for read more on focalprice coupons code

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Fitch Takes Off the Rose-coloured Glasses for a New Look at U.K.

A new look.. An improved eyesight. For discount codes and coupons avail the Glasses USA’s new products.

24/7 Wall St.

78489302Apparently the U.K.’s Chancellor of the Exchequer failed to impress the analysts at Fitch Ratings. The ratings firm said this afternoon that it is putting the country’s ‘AAA’ rating on watch with an eye toward a near-term downgrade. Fitch calls this Ratings Watch Negative.

The ratings agency cited the latest forecasts that indicate that U.K. debt will rise later and to a higher level than previously expected. The budget message that was delivered a few days ago now forecasts that government and public sector debt will peak in 2016-2017 at 100.8% and 85.6%, respectively, and will not begin to decline until 2017-2018.

Among the key reasons for the negative watch are revised GDP growth forecasts. Fitch has revised its growth forecast from 1.5% in 2013 to 0.8%, and also revised the forecast for 2014 from 2% to 1.8%. The agency went on to say:

The persistently weak performance of UK…

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A Fox Jumper…

The plus size revolution…Plus size designs and outfits at discounted rates.

Vintage Reflection

fox3fox2And Some Flowers!

After running errands, Dave and I stopped for a tea break at one of our favorite places Lavish Habit in Balham but there will be more on that later… We heading home and I picked up some flowers on the way and while walking back home from the tube we stopped by this pretty brick wall for some outfit photos. I had attempted to wrap up warm by wearing my fox jumper but it didn’t really help much. Darn winter lasting forever! I remember this time last year when Claire came to visit and it was glorious sunshine and light jackets weather. Hopefully it’ll warm up soon, fingers crossed!

fox1foxWhat I’m wearing –

Coat, Scarf & Dress – Vintage

Satchel – Urban Outfitters

Jumper – Topshop

Brogues – Office


Photos – Shooting Dave

Follow me at TwitterFacebook and Tumblr.

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Varsity Editorial Prints

Sizzling,new and discounted trends and designs…

M&J Blog

Each of the below editorial prints demonstrates the relaxed athletic vibe of the Letterman jacket that we adore. The preppy jacket adds an instant it factor without trying too hard.

while we were dreaming by henry klobaczewski7- miu miu sequined embellished dresses and varsity jacketsvarsity jacket- girly look1316454272-3681218599givenchy-fall-2011-linda-vojtovavarsity_blues_imgur

If you’d like to make your own version of this jacket check out M&J trimming for supplies.
We love hearing from you…post pictures on our wall or tweet us

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